6 weird things at Medikal, Fella Makafui wedding

Entertainment of Tuesday, 10 March 2020

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Medikal with Fella Makafui at the traditional wedding ceremony

The relationship between Medikal and Precious Fella Makafui reached a crescendo over the weekend with the love birds’ decision to back it with law. They tied the knot in the presence of their family, friends and clients who thronged Adjringanor near East Legon in Accra for the epic moment on Saturday, March 7, 2020.

The well-attended ceremony, like several others, did not end without drama, controversy and hilarious scenes. Here are 6 things that caught GhanaWeb’s attention:

1. Cars without number plates

As it has been witnessed at weddings involving celebrities, a number of luxury cars were lined up for this occasion. From Bentley to Jaguar to Chevy Camaro, the streets were painted with fleets of cars which signaled the wedding was on a different level.

Interestingly, about ten of the cars had no number plates, living one to wonder how drivers got away with it.

2. Soldiers at the wedding

Some soldiers clad in uniform were spotted at the wedding. With some showing their faces and others masking themselves to conceal their identities, the military men were seen escorting the groom and providing security at the event without approval from the Ghana Armed Forces.

Head of Public Relations, Colonel Eric Aggrey Quarshie, in an interview with GhanaWeb, disclosed that the soldiers who were present at the ceremony in their uniforms have been arrested pending investigations.

3. Fella, Medikal acting shy when asked to kiss

The couple seemed coy when the officiating pastor asked them to kiss after exchanging the vows. Medikal who has on so many occasions smooched Fella Makafui on stage suddenly became diffident like a hen that has been beaten the rain. Unlike Afriyie Acquah who manned up and kissed Amanda – gifting social media freaks a meme in the process – Medikal coiled! The response from Fella was not different despite the audience screaming the kids were asleep. Omo ada!

4. Audience grab cash, MC screams for help!

At any given time, some people would want to show off to display their love for others. Shatta Wale, who served as the mediator at the time Medikal and Fella Makafui were supposedly facing challenges in their relationship, was present with his Militants. Among the entourage was Captan who held a bag loaded with GHC 5 notes.

Shatta Wale would dip his hands in it, take bundles and shower them on the couple – an act which triggered confusion as some of the audience moved to collect as many as they could for their pockets. In his attempt to safeguard the cash, Fella Makafui’s manager Richard Amofa Sarpong grabbed the microphone and called for help – “Go back! Security!”

5. The supposed prank

Fella Makafui collapsed at the wedding, sending shivers down the spines of many. Surprisingly, she recovered after she was rushed out of the venue with a story to incident. She claimed she faked it!

“I’m an actress. I’ve been pranking him so I said ‘okay, lemme see if he’s gonna get scared today’,” she joyously said without apologising to those who trembled with fear. She rather asked the gathering to party.

Critics have however said that an assessment of the video which captured her giving an explanation to her collapse shows she is unwell as Medikal was spotted holding her tight in a manner which communicated he was not convinced the bride was fully fit to stand all herself.

Rumours are rife she collapsed as a result of ill-health. In fact, there are speculations she is pregnant and was dazed having been stressed on the day of her wedding. And in her attempt to deflate the speculations, she had to concoct a prank story.

6. ‘R’ & ‘L’ blunder – ‘crosing player’

One of the women who were the official emcees for the event sent the audience agog when she butchered the English language. As typical of most Ashantis, her ‘R’ and ‘L’ were her ‘plobrem’.

Instead of calling on someone to give the ‘closing prayer’, she boldly requested for a ‘crosing player’. What a way to end the wedding!


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