Bisa Kdei’s song features in Hollywood Christmas movie, “Jingle Jangle”

Ghanaian musician Bisa kdei is taking his Highlife sound to the world as his song ‘Granpa Me Nie’ was featured in a christmas musical movie which features Forest Whitaker.

The musical movie was released on Netfflix on November 13th. Jingle Jangle feels like a fairly boilerplate family movie (think Bang Bang or Willy Wonka) but with one big difference: the characters are mostly black. There’s a brilliant scene where a group of children have a snowball fight on a Dickensian cobbled street. Their ringleader is brainiac child genius Journey (Madalen Mills), a 10-year-old girl.

As the kids pelt each other with snowballs, Bisa Kdei’s song plays, and Journey and her friends break into African dance moves. Although their ethnicity is not the point of their characters or of the scene, but their culture and heritage are seen and celebrated.

Watch the part of the movie with Bisa Kdei’s song below.

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