Caitlyn Jenner and Deepak Chopra Dive Deep Discussing Love on ‘Hollywood Disclosure’

Hollywood Disclosure​ is redefining talk show TV as we’ve always known it while leaving it’s viewers empowered, inspired, and craving more. ​The show’s ​multifaceted host Serena DC continues to awe viewers with the wonderful way she connects to her guests, thus humanizing and making relatable some of the most famed and iconic celebrities in existence.

Caitlyn Jenner and Deepak Chopra were the latest interviews to be aired on Saturday, July 18th, a week after the show premiered with an emotional testimonial against the entertainment industry from Corey Feldman and a hilarious and lighthearted conversation on love and monogamy with Hollywood heartthrob Daniel Goddard.

“There are so many people out there, right now, not living their life the way they want to. Instead they are living the life that society says they should”, opens Serena on the show’s third episode before interviewing the perfect person to carry on this conversation, the courageous and captivating Caitlyn Jenner.

Caitlyn immediately shows humility as she downplays her experiences with transitioning on such a public stage. “Everybody’s got stuff”, Caitlyn states with a smirk. Caitlyn then responds to Serena’s point expressing how emotionally taxing it was to not be able to be herself for most her life. “Did I build up Bruce so big that I’m stuck with him for the rest of my life?”

Fortunately for everyone, we know that Caitlyn was finally able to free herself and find happiness through authenticity. The episode is loaded with never before told stories that are both heart-wrenching and heart-warming, giving its viewers an intimate and personalized peek into the life of Caitlyn.

The show’s fourth episode also talks about love as the legendary alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra shares his views on love, relationships, and infidelity.

“Most people’s relationships last about as long as this program”, jokes Deepak, before he goes in deep, sharing some of the most incredible and enlightening thoughts and opinions on love ever seen on TV.

“Those who you are attracted to, in a sense mirrors who you are”, states Deepak when delving into attraction, the 1st step in achieving true love. The conversation continues to escalate before coming to an unsuspected climax, where Serena asks Deepak what his thoughts on infidelity are. Deepak explains that people cheat when their needs aren’t fulfilled their partner and in the case of infidelity, one can either fix themselves to accommodate their partner, or they can part ways. Definitely not the most popular opinion, but Deepak makes a valid argument. Interesting…

While both episodes end packed with invaluable intel, empowering inspiration, and award winning advice, we couldn’t help but still want more! Watching such notable and awe-inspiring public figures casually discuss their lives and expertise as if they were talking to friends is something we never knew we needed, but now we NEED it! So until next time, we’ll be standing with a notepad, anxiously awaiting all that ​Hollywood Disclosure​ has to offer.

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Kwame Anane

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