CAS threatens Kurt Okraku reign

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) threatens the reign of Kurt Okraku as Ghana FA boss with the world adjudicative body set to sit on the case involving disqualified presidential aspirant Wilfred Osei Kwaku (Palmer).

The world body is set to begin processes to put paid to rest to the long-winding legal tussle which hangs around the Ghana FA presidency.

The feuding parties – the Ghana Football Association and aspirant Wilfred Osei Kwaku have named their respective arbitrators to set the tone for the adjudication of the matter.

While the association has gone for Swiss lawyer Hendrik Willem Kesler, Osei Kwaku has hired highly-rated Australian John Didulica.

The situation has put the presidency of Kurt Okraku on the line with wide reaching implication if Palmer becomes successful.

The ruling from CAS will put to rest months of intense anxiety involving all the principal actors.

There are two things likely to happen – CAS to throw out the case and allow the status quo to remain or order for a re-run of the election if it was deemed the plaintiff was unfairly disqualified from the race.

Palmer dragged the Ghana FA to CAS over his ‘unfair’ disqualification from the presidential race in October last year.

CAS agreed with Palmer and ordered FIFA to file its defence in the case which the Tema Youth owner was thrown out of the Ghana FA election race.

Disqualified GFA presidential aspirant, Mr Wilfred Kweku Osei (Palmer), is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to get his disqualification overturned to enable him to contest for the highest position in Ghana football.

He suspects several officials of the then- Normalisation Committee who were appointed conspired against him to kick him out of the race and has even filed Ethics Committee cases against the quartet.

Winfred Osei Palmer and his team of lawyers unambiguously state that, on the account on the infringement of the above article, further exposes former Normalisation Committee boss Dr. Amoah to the thumping on Abuse of Office, Confidentiality and Duty of loyalty required from him.

Winfred Osei Kwaku “Palmer” was disqualified from contesting from the next Ghana Football Association General Election for failing to settle the 10% for the transfer of Joseph Paintsil to GFA.

In a three page letter written to FIFA through the Investigatory Chamber of the federation, Dr. Kofi Amoah was cited to have breached Article 13, (2), (3) and (4) of General Duties where he is said to have been heard in an audio engaging in activities that undermines the integrity of his office bestowed him FIFA.


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