CCTV captures the scary moment a witch appeared in a house at night with broom to perform ritual and disappears

A video has been sighted on the internet of the scary moment a witch was spotted at the compound of a household performing rituals with a broom.

The footage which was recorded on November 4, 2021, captures how the witch showed up in a house in the middle of the night and started performing rituals while hanging on a broom.

Dressed in a white gown, the witch with all confidence moved around the compound and did what she came to do and vanished in the blink of an eye after she was done with her midnight ritual.

Apparently, occupants of the house have been hearing strange noises at midnight in recent times without knowing the source of the noise.

Wanting to know what or who makes those strange noises, they installed a CCTV camera and the device proved their long-held suspicion.

Video below;

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