Dec. polls: Starr FM begins Fact-Checker Thursday

As part of ensuring that Ghanaian voters make informed decision on December 7, 2020 as the country goes to the polls to elect a President and Parliamentarians, Starr 103.5FM has launched the ‘Fact-Checker’ to verify claims and comments of political actors.

The Fact Checker begins this Thursday at 1:15 pm.

The goal of the program and the accompanying online publication is to fact-check statements of political figures and other interest groups regarding issues of great importance, be they national or local.  The show will rely on listeners and readers to ask questions and point out statements that need to be checked.

After facts are checked, and analysis completed, the team will rank the claims based on their findings and rate them according to their proximity or otherwise to the truth.

The show becomes the latest of the many shows the radio station has introduced to shape opinions and improve discussions as the nation readies for the elections.


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Kwame Anane

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