Do not be motivated the fancy dresses Nadia and Jackie wear on social media- Adjetey Anang to young actors

Award-winning actor, Adjetey Anang has cautioned up and coming actors to have proper motivation to get into the industry.

According to him, some of the youngsters are only motivated to become actors because they see the fancy things some seasoned actors show off on social media.

In an interview on Adom TV over the weekend, the “Perfect Picture” actor advised young talents to set their motivation right;

“Set your motivation right before entering into the film industry,” he told the host. “Some people are motivated the fancy dresses Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah wear on social media,” he stated.

He added that even though it isn’t bad to want to live like that, it shouldn’t be their main motivation.

“That one is not too bad but, if that is your main motivation, you won’t go far. Your motivation should be about coming into the industry to exhibit your talent and skill to help the industry grow,” he added.

Adjetey Anang also advised young talents to work on acquiring skills in addition to their talent.

“You can’t rely on only passion and talent; you should acquire skills and train. You can’t be Jackie Appiah and Majid Michel overnight,” he stated.

Watch video below:

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