‘Don’t Allow Your Daughter Go Into The Music Or Film Industry, They Are Going Into Prostitution’- Nigerian Evangelist Warns

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Popular Nigerian evangelist, Victor Edet has warned parents to discourage their daughters from venturing into the movie industry because it’s the hub for prostitutes.

According to him, the weak structure of the movie industry makes it a fertile ground for females to indulge in social vices like sleeping with men to make more money.

“PARENT, do not allow your children to go into the Music or Movie industry. If you encourage your daughters to go into the Movie or Music industry, it’s means you are encouraging them to go into prostitution.


Come to think of this, an actor will act 50 movies, yet he can’t afford to buy a bicycle, but an actress will act just ten movies and she’s already building Estate’s. 85 percent of those girls are into prostitution.” He said.

Kofi Atinka

Kofi Atinka