Fake Mad Man Caught Whiles Collecting Used Baby Diapers and Pad (Video)

A fake mad man has been caught in the process of picking some used baby diapers as well as female pads that have been placed at a refuse disposal land.

The video which was sighted by Gossips24.com saw the fake mad man with a huge polythene bag that had a lot of diapers and pads in it.

According to reports, the man was said to have disguised himself as a mad man so he can be able to steal the diapers and pad without been recognized or seen by people who knew him around that area.

A woman who knew him immediately called the people around to catch him after she released that he was not mad but just faking so he can pick up the items.

The man after he was caught confessed that he was instructed by a fetish priest tp pick up those items so it can be used for rituals to make him rich.

Netizens who chanced upon the video have expressed shock at the incident which took place in Nigeria.

Watch the video below;


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