Fans must see political campaign songs we do as business and nothing else – Bisa Kdei

Bisa has said in an interview on Y 97.9’s ‘Dryve of Your Lyfe’ that campaign songs musicians create for some political parties should be seen as business.

During election year, in the heat of campaigns and political rallies, some Ghanaian musicians create campaign songs for major political parties as business, and some also in the form of endorsement.

Bisa made it clear that he was ready to do a campaign song for any political party should they approach him with a good offer. For him, he only sees that as business and not endorsement.

“If a party approached me and asked me to do a song for them for an amount that I think it is good for me, I see that as a business. Why not? That will work for me,” he said.

“It’s business. You are getting paid. It is just like being billed for a show. Depending on the contract, I can even do songs for two different parties,” he added.

He went ahead to say that fans should understand and sometimes see it as business if musicians record campaign songs for political parties.

“For me, sometimes you have to see it as a business. The fans must sometimes understand that,” he said.

However, he explained that the only problem after a musician had composed a campaign song for a political party, is when he/she mounts political platforms to campaign for them. Thereby making an open endorsement, and publicly declaring support for the party.

“What really brings the problem is campaigning for a party after you have done a song for them. That is where the problem is,” he explained.

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