Female Muslim Students Lashed Mercilessly After Drinking Alcohol-Video

According to reports, the female students knew that they were not supposed to drink alcohol or even associate themselves with unbelievers as per their religious teachings which they failed to adhere to.

In the video which is fast making waves on social media, the students were seen kneeling whiles the teachers caned them mercilessly for doing what they claim to be a “Haram”.

Narrating the incident on social media, @Kr3wmatic, an eyewitness revealed that the Muslims have stated that the Quran has given them the right to the teachers and the Mudarash (Arabic School) to punish any person that breaks that law.

Watch the video below;

See beating for Modrasah (ile kehu). 😠pic.twitter.com/TN6g1Qq7V7

— Lover of Good Music. (@KR3Wmatic) October 9, 2021


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