Fraudsters using Rabito Clinic to extort money – Mgt.

Management of Rabito Clinic Limited has urged the public to be cautious of the activities of fraudsters who are raising funds through posters and emails under the guise of caring for a patient at the facility.

According to management, the fraudsters are distributing copies of a poster and posing as doctors who have a patient name Mr Croise Claude Bernard admitted to the Rabito Clinic and requires urgent surgery costing €6,550.

A release signed on Thursday, October 10 the Chief Executive Officer of Rabito Clinic Limited Mr Karen A.S. Hendrickson, advised the public not to send money or engage with these fraudsters as Rabito Clinic Limited will have no liability for any losses or damages suffered anyone who falls victim to such fake letters from fraudsters.

Mr Hendrickson said Rabito Clinic Limited disclaims all such correspondence and messages and advises its patrons and the general public to disregard such dishonest attempt to steal from the public.

Source: Ghana/ Antoh

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