God reveals to redeem is not biblical, these prophets are not telling you the truth – Bishop John Yaw Adu

The founder and leader of the New Jerusalem Chapel in the Ashanti Region, Bishop John Yaw Adu has said the popular ‘God reveals to redeem’ phrase is big scam prophets employ to throw dust into the eyes of their members. 

Explaining this on Angel FM’s Church Bells show, Bishop Adu stated said, “When the prophecy is from God, it is not the work of the Prophet to say he or she has rebuked the prophecy of God but it is the one who received the prophecy to repent and pray for God to save him or her”

To buttress his point even further, he quoted John 13:19-20 which says “I am telling you now before it happens so that when it does happen you will believe that I am who I am. Very truly I tell you, whoever accepts anyone I send accepts me; whoever accepts me accepts the one who sent me.”

“When a prophet knows his prophecy is fake then he will say God reveals to redeem so that when the prophecy fails to happen then it means God has redeemed the prophecy,” Bishop J Y Adu said.

“I have read the bible for so many years and I never encountered God reveals to redeem in the bible. I’m challenging any Man of God to show me where God reveals to redeem can be found in the bible. They use it to deceive people about their prophecy” he dared anyone.

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