Here is how you can support the family of Emmanuel Bobbie ‘Bob Pixel’

Ghanaians on Thursday, January 25 received the news about the death of popular photographer, Emmanuel Bobbie, also known as Bob Pixel, with a lot of sadness and shock.

Friends of Bob Pixel, led colleague photographer Yaw Pare are raising funds to help support the family the photographer left behind.

Yaw Pare shared details in a tribute via Facebook as follows:

“Losing a family member is not easy, It gets even worse when a friend becomes family. The fact remains no amount of grief, cries, sorrow or pain being felt can bring or restore what is lost but rather only the memories that live on and for that my friend, brother and colleague in the same profession left a lot !! You will be dearly missed “Blaa Bob” as I fondly called him. He was jovial! warm! big hearted and his willingness to share what he knew was just priceless!!

“Impacting a lot of people including myself!! We kind of rubbed of each other especially when we went shooting at events when we were so tired and he will shout Blaa Yaw na b)k)) dier (all good?) and I will respond Blaa Bob mabl3 roff (I am really tired) he will say ay3 pinsoo (meaning its tough)!! we will laugh it off encourage each other and he will tell me yen wie!! ( lets finish) knowing in mind we will conclude the shoot with some fufu we already made arrangement for.. Oh Blaa BOB!!! 4 weeks ago we were planning a trip together when I said I had a shoot that weekend!

“The next thing I heard you were in the hospital sending me a pic of you to confirm you werent joking. We kept chatting till 3 days ago and then your untimely death!! I was totally loss for words yesterday!! stomach started churning, then came the flurry of calls and text messages etc etc even till now. You were loved a lot including myself many thought we would be rivals due to our competitiveness but was all for the love and passion of what we loved doing most. You leave behind a wife and 3 lovely kids and as devastating as your loss is it can be equally devastating for the family you left behind to move on.

“As a friend and family I am calling on all who felt the pain or can put themselves in the shoes of the family whom he has left behind with her daughter still not in the know of his demise, to come together and raise some funds in the name of Bob Pixel as he is popularly known, to his wife’s account to support the family.
MTN 0242860869 – Vida Essel
Account Name: Vida Essel
Bank: ABSA
Branch: Nester Square
Account #: 0361273931
Thanks for your support in advance.

Kwame Anane

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