I am not a lesbian; it is a disability- Mzbel reacts to rumors that she’s having a sexual relationship with Iona

Ghanaian singer and now entrepreneur, Mzbel has addressed comments that she’s in a sexual relationship with Iona.

In the past few weeks, Iona, a budding singer, has been appearing in Mzbel’s videos on her Instagram.

Their relationship has however had social media talking as some people they may be having sexual relationship.

Reacting to the comments in a Facebook live video today, Mzbel stated:

“I am not a lesbian. I have never been and Iona and I are not partners. I don’t have anything against lesbianism.

“I feel gay and lesbianism is some kind of disability. If you give birth to a child with a crooked leg, you’ll definitely go for a surgery to correct the defect. The same applies to men who feel they should be born women and they become transgenders.

The mother of one also added that although she wouldn’t participate in the act, she does not have anything against people who choose to do so.

“i don’t have anything against anyone who chooses to do with their life as they please,” she added.

Watch video below:

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Kwame Anane

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