I was forced to pay prostitutes my ex-husband slept with

Entertainment of Wednesday, 4 March 2020

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TV and radio personality Afia Schwarzenegger, has revealed that her ex-husband Lawrence Abrokwa would sleep with prostitutes and She(Afia Schwar) would pay for the services just to keep her name.

Speaking to Joselyn Dumas, she said most of the time she was blackmailed prostitutes who her ex-husband would go pants down with and as a celebrity she has to protect her name paying money to cover up.

“This is a man I will go to work and he will keep prostitutes and they will blackmail me to pay. You are a celebrity and you want everybody to think that your husband can’t afford a hotel bill? So I will be in the office and I will get a call to pay money to avoid shame”, she revealed.

Further in the interview, Afia Schwar disclosed that this went on for some time until she became fed up and wanted to leave the marriage because she couldn’t bear it anymore.

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