‘it was as a result of anger’–Kafui Danku makes U-turn after embarrassing Leila Djansi & suggesting she’s broke

Entertainment of Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Source: GH Base


Leila Djansi (R) and Kafui Danku

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Earlier on, Ghbase.com shared a story about Kafui Danku calling movie producer, Leila Djansi out for spreading childish lies about her to people because she refused to give her some thousands of dollars.

In that post, Kafui had jumped to her personal Facebook wall to slam Leila after attempts to reach her on phone failed and warned people to be careful of Leila.

Kafui Danku’s blood has now cooled down and is on Social media again begging all those who shared her earlier bashing of Leila to delete the post because she’s regretted bringing the issue on Social media.

We must say that Kafui Danku in her post didn’t apologise to Leila Djansi, she’s only apologising for bringing that drama on Social media, so it’s confusing why she’s even apologising.

It’s not like we were hurt in anyway but knowing Kafui Danku, she’s only doing that because she’s thinking of how her brand perception would be hurt.

Of course, Kafui doesn’t have that ‘Shatta Wale’ kinda brand so it was surprising that she had the guts to actually call Leila Djansi out in such manner and even told people to be careful of her.

At the time of this publication, Leila had not reacted to Kafui’s rants and its surprising knowing that, Leila doesn’t have that temperament to keep quiet about such a thing.

I mean, for Kafui to publicly disclose that, Leila came begging her for some thousands of dollars, it’s created an impression that Leila is somewhat broke now, to the extend that she needed a financial favour from Kafui who turned her down.

I can imagine how Leila must have felt when Kafui released what was supposed to be secret and to top it all, being tagged a ‘childish liar’

Ha! Anyways, Kafui says she’s sorry but not sorry—She’s only worried about her brand and we can conclude that Kafui doesn’t have the balls to stick to things she says.

Check her mild apology below:

I lack words to express how I feel about what my earlier post has generated, The only remorse I have now is posting on social media…. just because my first call wasn’t answered. I should have kept calling, the post was unnecessary. I never thought my emotions could control me to taking such action, to those who called and sent messages, thank you for your concern. I regret posting on social media and this would not happen again. I will make efforts to resolve the differences… I would appreciate people who shared to kindly delete or take down the post since it was as a result of anger. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I APOLOGIZE.


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