JEZTLS releases captivating song with ‘Tear Me Down’ featuring Sintia

UK artist JEZTLS will be releasing his single ‘Tear Me Down’ on February 12th, which is the first single of his upcoming EP ‘El Paradiso’ releasing in April 2021.


‘Tear Me Down’ is the first single of the upcoming EP titled ‘El Paradiso’ which will be released this April. It’s a soulful trip hop song and a mix of indie, pop and electronic music. Jamie (JEZTLS) wrote this song for his Dad, who he never met. The premise of the song is about attitudes towards emotions. ‘Tear Me Down’ is a demand to the people in life who ignore pain or emotions and see vulnerability, as too soft, weird or selfish.


The early years of Jamie Staples’ life were spent daydreaming about the artists he admired, their strategies and branding. He was picked up at the age of 14 to participate in Sony Records SoundBed Programme. Expecting to be a classical composer – (Obtaining a grade 7 and grade 6 Trumpet and Piano certification respectively) his artistic journey started at the age of 15 with an instrumental project he uploaded to SoundCloud for his Secondary School music class. Through the platform however he solidified friendships with artists across the globe, investing in a midi-keyboard and a copy of Logic Pro. 


Learning through trial and error, he picked up two production credits on Shalom Dubas’ Dubclub EP and the very first releases of queer-activist NEO 10Y. After releasing a collection of singles in 2016 instrumentals such as ‘A Million Years’ and ‘Seoul City’ were picked up Spotify in South Asia and he gained airplay across the BBC, Amazing Radio and Triple J. His biggest hit however comes in the form of a collaboration with the Vietnamese American singer Nenci, ‘Save Me’ released independently from his university bedroom, the track flew across the world and is sitting at 50K streams on Spotify alone. 


As JEZTLS prepares to release the 7 track EP ‘El Paradiso’ in Q3 2021 – he is sharpening his instrumentation. Heavily influenced World Music, he has created a future leaning sound merging steel drums, flutes and pan percussion with trap beats and eclectic vocalists.


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