KD The Lit Guy: The Afro-sensei

When it comes to mastering his craft KD The Lit Guy is a sensei in the making. This Nigerian born singer, songwriter, and musician is igniting the afrobeat heat in China showcasing African music to the Asian audience in a way we’ve never seen before.  

KD The Lit Guy, real name David Ekeyokpa was born and raised in Lagos where he formed a high school band with his friends in 2007, known as PHAD Boiz. They quickly became a hit and were recognized as part of the Benin music scene.

Fast forward, 10 years later, after making the move to China, he got signed to Cloud9music. 

In 2018, his project the Exper!ment was born and his lead debut track, “ Heart Olympics” officially set the tone for his style and introduced him as the new kid on the block to watch out for in the Asian market. 

When you think of this Afro-sensei the best way to describe his sound is simply “ fresh & unorthodox”.

KD The Lit Guy just dropped his single “Nothing spoil” now streaming on all platforms.


Follow KD The Lit Guy on:

Apple Music: KD The Lit Guy.

Spotify: KD The Lit Guy.

Instagram: @kdthelitguy.

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