“Kwasia You Used My Format To Collect Money” – Okese and AMG Medikal Dirty Themselves (Video)

Two of Ghana’s best Musicians Okese1 and Medikal have been seen throwing shots at each other on social media as they both reveal some dirty secrets about each other.

The feud was said to have been started by the “Omo Ada” hitmaker Medikal after he took to his Instagram story to throw shots at Okese1 as he claimed the musician is a fun fooler who isn’t loyal and snitches on people who do him good.

The statement of medikal which didn’t go down well with the “Na Today” hitmaker led to him making some shocking revelation about medikal as he revealed that he would have been sad if he wasn’t alive to reply to the claims of medikal.

Taking to his social media handle he also wrote saying;

“I would be crying on my death bed if I wasn’t alive to spit facts n truths…You don’t preach loyalty and fan fool people you claim you will be grateful to forever”

Okese1 further revealed that he was the one that helped medikal cash out for the first time and he should be grateful rather than behaving like a b!tch because he now has some “coins” which to him is nothing.

“Sia who en format you dey take cashout your coins? I claim money for bank give you and then u pass my back withdraw from bank after going through all that stup!d stress n links I created for myself coming up all in the name of loyalty” He added.

Watch the video to know more ;


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