Lack of investors, connections and support affecting female musicians – Sista Afia

Singer, Sista Afia believes strongly that lack of resources in the music industry is hindering female musicians from topping the charts and dominating the music scenes like their colleagues Tiwa Svagae, Yemi Alade, Simi and others from Nigeria.

According to the “Weather” singer in an interview with GNA Entertainment, Nigerians are investing and supporting their music industry.

“Ghanaian female musicians are doing what they can at the moment. When it comes to vocal delivery, songwriting, and stage performances, Ghana has me, Efya, Freda Rhymez, and more to boast of.

“The thing is, the Nigerians have the resources which include investors, connections, support and music exposure than Ghanaian musicians,” she stated.

Sista Afia believes, however, that a lot can be done to catch up since female musicians in Ghana are making progress day day.

“We are progressing each and every day. Recently my new song with Victor AD is one of the biggest songs in Nigeria and Cameroon. I had a call from one top international musician who wants to remix his song with me.

“We are getting there gradually just that the pace is a bit slow. But as the saying goes, slowly but sure. We will get there and we hope we (female musicians) get that positive support from the media and everyone,” she added.

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