Men should be pampered more on Valentine’s Day – GhanaWeb poll finds

Entertainment of Friday, 14 February 2020



File photo; A lady pampering her man

An overwhelming majority of Ghanaians believe that men should be pampered more on Valentine’s Day rather than women, a recent poll released GhanaWeb found.

Respondents offered myriad of reasons why men deserve to be coddled despite the socio-cultural beliefs.

For example, 74 per cent of the people who took part in the survey believe since men are usually responsible for providing for the family or their partners on regular basis, Valentine’s Day must be set aside for the efforts of men to be recognized in a very special way.

The poll, which was conducted on Facebook and twitter between February 11 and 13, had a sample size of 597 Ghanaians.

The findings of the poll come as a shock considering the fact that women normally seek attention from their men.

The respondents were asked who should be pampered more on Valentine’s Day, men or women?

Below are some of the reactions

@Shocker_Blinks indicated that; We’ve been sponsoring these ladies with our money for several years so it’s only fair for us to be pampered this season.

@Ewura bee wrote; Look ladies let’s shower our men with real pampering they deserve it.

@Efua Thompson said; The’ve been paying for so long, fellas lets show some love to the fact lets spread them.

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