“My depression was so serious that I could have died if not for God” – Funny Face

Comedian  and  actor Funny Face is thanking God for his life after going through some serious challenges which he says could have ended his life.

This comes after the actor’s antics and statements on social media raised concerns among his fans and followers.

Funny Face in an interview with Graphic Showbiz revealed that he had been battling with depression.

He said, “where I got to with my depression was so serious that I could have died if not for God. Everyone I thought could help me turned their backs on me and I felt I was alone in this world.

“It took the intervention of God for me to come back again. Now I am doing great and it is all the doing of God.” 

According to Funny Face, he is completely healed and although some people may believe he is not well, he is doing fine.

“Someone who is not well can’t be speaking this way and acting normal like I am doing now. Those who saw me when I was going through my depression saw a different Funny Face. I am fine now and I pray I won’t go back to where I was again,” he stated.

Asked what he has been up to while recovering, Funny Face said he had a lot of things he was working on including.

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It would be recalled that Funny Face and his wife separated with the woman taking away his twin girls Ella and Bella, something that sent him into a spiral on social media earlier this year.

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