My father became a security guard to educate me – Gifty Anti

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Ace Ghanaian broadcaster Gifty Anti has revealed her pensioned father took up a job as a security guard to see her through school and therefore she is hard on men who neglect their responsibilities of taking care of their children.

Talking about how she got the opportunity to be educated at a period in Ghanaian history when girl child education was unpopular in the ’80s and ’90s, Gifty also known as Awo Dansoa – after marrying Nana Ansah Kwao IV of Adumasa – said her father believed in education and sacrificed his all to educate her and her siblings.

“By God’s grace I had a father who believed in educating his children. My father sacrificed a lot to make sure all his wards were educated. When I completed Form 3 and was about entering Form 4, he went on pension. He went on pension as a police officer, pension as a Kingsway manager, and pension as an insurance salesperson. So, life was difficult, but he took up a job as a security guard so that he could afford to pay my school fees,” she told DJ Premier on Entertainment Capital Saturday June 4 on Accra 100.5FM.

Awo Dansoa, who is also a gender advocate, noted that with her father’s example, men, no matter their status and financial worth, can educate their children if they want.

“…That is why I hit hard at men. My dad was born in 1916, he was born in the Gold Coast era, Gold Coast police-trained but because of the education of his girl child, he took up a job as a security guard. So, men can educate their children especially girls if they want to,” she expressed.

“So, I don’t know why some men of today neglect their responsibility and don’t take care of their children. I don’t know whether men of today are too pampered or just wicked, but it appears some Ghanaian men believe it is the responsibility of women to take care of the children. The belief that children will always go back to their fathers even if they do not take care of them has entered their heads.

“I have said any man that does not take care of his children is a ‘fool’ because your children are your legacy and your greatest asset. Every man should pride himself with being able to educate his children to the highest level possible; it is not about the number of cars and houses you have.”

The decorated feminist is the host of The Standpoint, a programme which discusses issues affecting women on Ghana television.


Kwame Anane

Kwame Anane