My father invented the “patch jeans” style-Reggie Rockstone reacts after Cardi B is spotted with the same fit

Hip-life Grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone has revealed that his dad, St Ossei invented the patch jeans style.According to the rapper, his father Ricky Ossei, who was a fashion designer, designed the “patch jeans” in the 70s, got some props for it before big designers like Dolce and Gabanna followed suit.

Reggie Rockstone’s revelations come after he saw a photo of Cardi B in a fit identical to the one his dad wore in the 70s.

In an Instagram post, Reggie made a collage of his dad and Cardi B’s photos with the caption:

“SO I CANT STOP SAYING THIS THO! MY FATHER INVENTED THE “patch jeans” style in the 70s for Yankee and got sum ok props for it ( there he is modeling his own🙏🏿) DOLCE DO SAME AND ITS HUGE ( cardi Dey wear for this pic) LIFE NO FAIR OR LIFE DEY BLEACH?😳😂 so where dem see for eh??? #blackshadamatterz #daben#enoeasyo #oneday THE LEGENDARY ST OSSEI WE SALUTE YA🙏🏿✊🏿🇬🇭.”

See his post below:














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