My ‘Hallelujah Hosanna’ song was written by a Muslim – Obaapa Christy

Veteran Gospel singer Obaa Christy has disclosed that her latest song was gifted to her by a Muslim friend who adores her craft. 

She made the revelation during a recent interview on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM. According to her, her Muslim friend has promised to write English songs for her to release and perform and enhance her career.

When asked if the Muslim had converted to Christianity, she said, “He is still a Muslim. He is a devoted Muslim. He is a lover o my works and cherishes my craft. That was why he wrote the song for me. I appreciate him and I am grateful for what he has done for me.”

The award-winning singer noted for several hit songs also emphasized that all her songs are spontaneous which is why she never put them on paper before recording.

She said: “I don’t write my songs…my new song ‘The Glory’ i didn’t write it ooo …Like putting pen to paper even my pen and book got missing way back…I don’t have a pen and a book; so I have never written my own songs…the songs just runs through my head then I quickly go to the studio and produce it.”

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