Obesity and attendant snoring cause joint pains

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The Director of Ghana Health Service of Tain District, Michael Rockson Adjei, has confirmed a recent research which says being overweight can trigger snoring and eventually lead to joint conditions in people.

A research by Dr Edward Roddy of the Keele University in the UK has found that snoring can cause agonizing joint conditions for a person.

This is so because the muscle and soft tissue in the throat relax, blocking the airways thereby restricting a person’s oxygen access which drives the production of uric acid.

And, Dr Rockson Adjei corroborates the outcome of the research, saying if a person snores, the airway of the person is blocked making the flow of air very difficult.

He added that snoring is prevalent in obese people as the fat around their neck area becomes a blockage for the flow of air because the muscles relax when they are asleep.


He explained further that when snoring occurs, the air which circulates from the lungs to the blood is reduced because of the constriction of the airwaves.

The tissues, he says, undergo a process called anaerobic respiration because of the limitation of oxygen to cause joint pains.

“Snoring can be checked or managed if obsessed people lose weight and exercise more while those with issues like a common coil or respiratory infection, it can also be treated,” Dr Adjei explained.

He has, therefore, called on people suffering from respiratory infection and snoring to see a doctor for medical attention.

Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping.

Source: Belinda Amoako-Arthur


Kwame Anane

Kwame Anane