Ogidi Brown threatens to summon Fameye to river-gods over $50,000 he owes him

Fameye’s former manager Ogidi Brown, who is also a musician, has alleged that Fameye owes him an amount of $50,000 he’s made no attempt to pay.

Fameye, the Ghanaian musician was formerly signed to OGB music record label owned by Ogidi Brown. The former, after sometime ended his contract with OGB music. It was alleged the contract termination was as a result of misunderstanding between Fameye and CEO of OGB Music, Ogidi Brown.

The “Mati” hit maker, is reported to have successfully organized a musical concert this Christmas. And his former manager, Ogidi Brown upon hearing it, recorded a video of himself disclosing the debt issue between them, and Fameye’s refusal to pay him, but could raise money to finance his concert.

“You can organize a show, yet have refused to pay what you owe me. I give you just two weeks to pay me my money” he said in “twi” dialect.

According to Ogidi Brown, Fameye has been giving him empty promises to repaying the $50,000 he owes. And whenever he decides to make it a legal issue, he (Fameye) comes to him with intermediaries to plead his indulgence to ignore making it a legal issue, and assures with a given time frame to paying the debt.

This time, he (Ogidi Brown) has said he is resorting to summoning Fameye before river gods, since he has refused to pay him, upon all the help he’s rendered him to make him who he is today. And he added that, he would be impenitent, if consequences lead to Fameye’s death after curse is invoked on him.

Watch video below:

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