Sam George Is Very Mad- Mother Of Ghanaian Transgender Angel Maxine

According to the woman,Sam George is very mad and should not be entertained because people who are engaged in the LGBTQ are also humans and must be given the freedom to express themselves and live their lives the way they want.

The woman who was speaking in the defense of his son been transgender revealed that she is going to stand as a mother behind her son who has now changed to become a woman against anyone who would try to speak ill of her child.

“Do you know what I have gone through from people and so-called men and women of God? Those who call themselves Christians are the killer so don’t listen to anybody just love your child and don’t let anyone destroy what God has given you” She was heard saying.

“I think that boy called Sam George is a mad man because he doesn’t know how we go through our pregnancy to give birth” She added.

Watch the video below;


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