Serwaa Amihere blasts TT for deserting his kids when he had money

Serwaa Amihere has joined DKB to lash TT for deserting his kids to go after women when he was financially stable. TT has revealed in an exclusive interview with Delay that a chunk on his money was spent on his sidechick which he described her as demon through out the interview.

Whiles reacting to this confession, Serwaa Amihere took to her Twitter page to shame TT for pushing blame on his sidechick for his shortcomings.

In the interview,  TT disclosed that he regrets ever leaving his children to follow a woman and described a lady as a devil who caused his downfall.

He further advised men never to desert their children for the sake of any other woman.

The GHONE presenter who thinks it’ very wrong for TT to play the victim’s games at this point wrote on her Twitter page;  ‘A grown man does something and later blames a woman for it. Boi‘

Tweeps on the bird app didn’t spare Serwaa Amihere for her unsolicited comments. They fired and throwed her under the bus for mocking a veteran.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…


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