Seven new Envoys present Letters of Credence to Akufo Addo

Seven new envoys accredited to Ghana their respective countries, today 27th of January 2020, presented their letters of credence to President Akufo Addo at the Jubilee House.

The presentation of their credentials essentially marks the beginning of their tour of duty in the Republic of Ghana.

The seven envoys are Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe to Ghana, Mr Kufa Edward Chinoza, Ambassador of the Republic of Mali to Ghana, Mr Abdoul Karder Toure, High Commissioner of Kenya to Ghana, Eliphas Mugendi Barine, India High Commissioner to Ghana, Sugandh Rajaram, Ambassador of Togo to Ghana, Colonel Awoki Panassa, Rwandan Ambassador to Ghana Dr Aisa Kirabo Kacyira and the Ambassador of Guinea to Ghana, Madame Olga Syradin.

Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Ghana

Ambassador Kufa Edward Chinoza, in his address to President Akufo Addo after presenting his credentials noted, that Zimbabwe and Ghana have come a long way in their relations.

These relations, he said, dates back to the time of Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence. He indicated that President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is looking forward to enriching this relationship further.

President Akufo Addo on Zimbabwe

President Akufo Addo in response to the address observed that Ghana is aware of some serious sanctions that have been imposed on Zimbabwe several inter-governmental organizations across the world. These sanctions he said, are obviously affecting the development of Zimbabwe negatively. President Akufo Addo pledged that Ghana together with the rest of Africa will continue to press on the organizations concerned to have these sanctions removed.

Ambassadors of Mali to Ghana

Ambassador Abdoul Karder Toure, when he took his turn commended President Akufo Addo for his successful Year of Return initiative.

“The initiative largely contributed in giving another image, the real image of Africa to our Diasporans who now realize that Africa is not only the continent of difficulties, wars, conflicts, diseases, etc, but it also has men and women who are fighting to overcome the scourges of underdevelopment; men and women who believe, like your Excellency, that “Ghana Beyond Aid” is possible, that “Africa Beyond Aid” is possible,” Ambassador Toure said.

President Akufo Addo on Mali

President Akufo Addo registered his thanks to the Malian envoy for his kind words of encouragement and support. He indicated that Ghana and Mali have a lot in common and it is time for the two West African nations to deepen their trade and economic ties.

High Commissioner of Kenya to Ghana

High Commissioner of Kenya to Ghana, Eliphas Mugendi Barine, also praised the government for instituting the “Year of Return” initiative. He described the initiative as a “milestone” under the Presidency of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Akufo Addo. He urged the President and for that matter Ghana, to support the Republic of Kenya’s bid for the Non Permanent seat of the United Nations Security Council for the period 2021-2022.

President Akufo Addo on Kenya

President Akufo Addo in his address noted that the challenges of terrorism in East Africa are also showing up in West Africa and the Sahel. These challenge of terrorism and violent extremism, he said, must be tackled head-on. He pledged to take steps to lobhis colleague African leaders to get them to pay more attention to dealing with the phenomenon with the seriousness it deserves.

Indian High Commissioner to Ghana

Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Sugandh Rajaram, in his address said India is keen to deepen ties with Ghana in all areas and looks forward to working closely towards fostering bilateral economic and commercial relations for mutual benefit.

“I affirm my commitment to you to deepen and expand the scope of our cooperation and my desire to work together in advancing our common goals of serving our citizens to the best of my ability,” High Commissioner Rajaram said.

President Akufo Addo on India

President Akufo Addo welcomed the India envoy to Ghana and congratulated him on his appointment. He also wished him a successful tour of duty in Ghana. He assured High Commissioner Rajaram that his office, as well as the Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Ministry, is ready to assist him in order to have a successful stay in the nation.

“The Foreign Minister, the Chief of Staff and all these officials are at your disposal to help you have a successful tour of duty in our country,” President Akufo Addo said.

Ambassadors of Togo, Guinea and Rwanda

The Ambassadors to Ghana of Togo, Colonel Awoki Panassa; Guinea, Madame Olga Syradin and Rwanda, Dr. Aisa Kira o Kacyira, all expressed their respective countries’ desire to deepen ties with Ghana. They also pledged their continued support to Ghana has she hosts the continental secretariat of the AfCFTA.

President Akufo Addo on Togo, Guinea and Rwanda

President Akufo Addo wished them success throughout their period of stay in the Republic of Ghana. He stressed the need for continued collaboration between their countries and Ghana in order to make the African Continent Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) a success.


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