It all started with a “hello” – Couple set to marry 1 year after meeting on Facebook

Another couple have married after meeting on Facebook last year July, 2018.

The bride, Chinenye Vivian Ukwuoma David who shared the heart-melting story noted that she was giving her husband-to-be, Kerry S Dagin a lot of attitude but he persisted.

Lo and behold, one thing led to another and they’re set to marry come November 23rd 2019.

Read her full story below as shared:

It all started with a “hello” on Facebook July 2018 ,but I wasn’t responding (lol) but that was cause I actually didn’t see the message since I deleted his friend request…I actually went through my friend request list that day n even visited few of the profiles before accepting or deleting…we had only 2 mutual friends with him then, so I said “which ghost is this n see his ancient profile picture sef “ (2012 last uploaded ) I deleted the request sharp sharp.

Well, uncle got my contact through my business post n was chatting me up on WhatsApp (I still didn’t see cause that time, the thrift store business was hot hot and if it wasn’t a message about buying or enquiries. I wasn’t even seeing).

He gathered that I schooled at pankshin where his very good friend (Blessing Denden) was my set mate,so he had to just go to her, since I wasn’t responding to any of the messages. Blessing chatted me and told me about her friend (Nanjul ) and I should reply him cause the guy dey serious and she also wouldn’t be contacting me if it wasn’t ….I said ok, I’ll do that.

well, I replied him and chatted a while n heaven knows he was really annoying….the part he calls me “darling ” sef got to my nerves.

Most times I’ll answer very rude cause I honestly didn’t like,but one thing that kept me talking to him, was his ability to know when I am not cool with something and he calmly says sorry. We met started talking, he came down to Jos from yola for us to meet. We met at my friend’s (Naantap) shop and he was patient enough for me to finish up my lie lie cake class …dude said I should take my time so I took my time till evening, and he waited . I felt abit bad about keeping him waiting, but the thing was I wasn’t interested in what he was offering.

We hung out we had conversation with him and due to one or two he drew my attention with his smartness (yeah I’m very much attracted to a smart person ) so at that very evening. i paid more attention…..he took me back to nantap house where I slept and he left for yola the next day. well,he came back again and again and since I was already captivated.

I gave more chances and time and we got to know each other much better……I went to camp October 2018 and my first day at camp, I sat and made a decision to be true to him…so,I sorted myself out whatsoever and asked him to do same (bagirl wanted it straight or he goes ) lol

We grew stronger and stronger and very much built friendship and very much like siblings…I’ve grown to love him and most importantly love what we share…
come November 23rd 2019, I will be saying I do to the love of my life❤️
Congratulations Kerry S Dagin

Credit: Prewedding Naija”

Kwame Anane

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