Stonebwoy reveals what a blogger told him why negative news about celebs most of the time

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Bloggers have become powerful in the wold today! They break the news before traditional media houses get to know what’s happening especially in Ghana.

But someway somehow, “Ghanaian bloggers love to push negative content more than positive”; that’s the perception of the masses. But is that so??

To know more about blogging and what goes into the work, Stonebwoy decided to have a comprehensive conversation with a Ghanaian blogger. The recurrent question in their conversation was centered on why negative news most of the time?

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The anonymous blogger detailing Stonebwoy about the rationale advised him to get a personal publicist or blogger if only he desires to see and read more positive content about him and his works.

Logically, the blogger told Stonebwoy that negativity sells comparably to positive stuff, therefore, one has to pay to get more positive content about him or her.

Follow the snippet of the conversation between Stonebwoy and the anonymous Ghanaian blogger via screenshot below:

Stonebwoy chats with a blogger
Kofi Atinka

Kofi Atinka