The Ladies Circle airs on TV3 from Feb. 15th

Entertainment of Friday, 7 February 2020

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Ladies Circle

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk on women empowerment and feminism. Giving women the voice they deserve and in essence a right of theirs back to them. When you see a program like “The Ladies Circle” even mere mention of the name gives a strong sense to these empowerment issues. A place, women can have the voice to speak on issues not only concerning their fellow women but a platform that gives the voice to contribute to issues of importance – politics, governance, health, rights, entertainment, social issues among others.

TV3 has for more than 20 years been a station trusted its viewers. An all-female program on a station like this will not only give credence to issues going to be discussed on the program but will stir up a lot of talk and discussions on the issues. These issues will give the people and viewers of the program the information they need to ask the right questions, to seek their welfare when needed and consequently lead to the development of the people. Knowledge is said is power, the more they know, the less vulnerable they are to abuse of power to those who know.

All work and no play indeed makes jack…., for such, the segment such as video of the week will put some entertainment spice into the program which will attract the viewers to stay on and enjoy the program. The program will also see some celebrities passing through. At the end of the 58 minutes there is something to interest everyone watching. There are questions asked not only the host but also the viewers and questions answered. When all is said, the purpose of a program like this is achieved as knowledge is impacted, entertainment is given, information is put out there and women are empowered, in fact the society is empowered. The beauty of this is that women are at the center of this circle.

“The Ladies Circle” will be hosted four intelligent and dexterous ladies: Chrystal Kwame – Aryee: The bubbly, beautiful communications specialist, marketing consultant and professional master of ceremonies, is known as one of the best event hosts, hosting ceremonies, cooperate events etc. Chrystal is currently a TV and radio host at Media General.

Anita Akuffo: The pretty affable host is known for her fashion statements and hosting of fashion and entertainment shows. A trained journalist, she is also known as a fashion police. She is an award winning host and has also been seen hosting many read carpet events.

Dr. Vanessa Aseye Atikpui: The stunning, pleasant and smart doctor is a qualified and practicing medical doctor with over 4 years experience in the profession. The award winning doctor has interest in photography, make up and fashion designing.

Nana Abena Korkor Addo: Another bubbly, charming host, is the project coordinator for mental health society of Ghana. She is the founder of Psychosocial African MH Support Group and CEO of Lencyonfire cocktails and ushering agency. Very affable and assertive, she has championed many mental health activities, creating awareness for the condition.

The ladies circle is the start of something new.

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