The Most Infamous Sports Cheating Scandals

It is quite sad that where there is a competition, cheating is bound to happen. Some people do not want to follow the laid out procedures but want to cut corners to become winners. This also happens a lot with people who are into gambling. Some individuals will join gaming sites like the casino VulkanBet to try and cheat the system. Luckily, casino operators put in place stringent measures to ensure cheating does not happen on their websites. Shareholders in the sports field also put their best foot forward to make sure that competitors stay in line. Even with the measures put in place, cheating is still widespread in professional sports. There have been plenty of cheating scandals that have rocked the sports world. Below we look at some of the scandals that made headlines.

Baseball Team Loses World Series on Purpose 

Back in 1919, this baseball scandal was all sports enthusiasts could talk about. This was the year when news broke out that 8 players from a baseball team known as White Sox allegedly took bribes to lose the 1919 World Series. During the 1919 World Series, White Sox were heavily beaten by rivals Cincinnati Reds five games to three. Nearly one year later, some players from White Sox were accused of losing on purpose after conspiring with gamblers. This incident was known as the Black Sox Scandal. In 1921, the 8 players were acquitted in a trial, but they were banned from ever playing baseball professionally by Kenesaw Mountain Landis, the acting commissioner then.

Nelson Piquet Jr. Crash 

Dubbed “Crashgate,”  this was one of the most famous cheating scandals in Formula 1. The race that happened in 2008 saw Piquet get involved in a large crash with one of his opponents. At first, it did not seem like a huge deal because crashes are quite common during car races. After a while, Nelson pulled out from Renault F1 (his team then), and allegations started surfacing that he crashed his car on purpose so that Fernando Alonso could win the race. Nelson also admitted that his coach had asked him to stage the crash.  Piquet and his team faced tons of charges. This simmered down because presently, Nelson is a certified NASCAR racer.

Spain Cheats at the 2000 Paralympics 

In the year 2000, Spain’s intellectually disabled men’s basketball team won the Paralympic gold. The scandal unravelled when it was discovered that 10 out of 12 members of this team did not qualify as disabled. The ten players failed their IQ tests deliberately so that they could play. In addition to having the title stripped, the players had to return the medals they won. Additionally, the former head of the Spanish Federation for Mentally Handicapped Sports had to pay $7,300 in fines for this scandal. He was also forced to return almost $200,000 in government subsidies.

Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal 

In October 2012, the cycling world was shocked to learn that Lance Armstrong, a 7-time Tour de France winner, was accused of using performance-enhancing drugs and bullying his teammates into doing the same. Before the news broke out, there had been rumours that the professional cyclist was doping, but there was no evidence against him. In fact, Armstrong has no record of failing a drug test. An interview with PBS’s Ray Suarez published in Bicycling magazine stated that the real story could be that all the failed drug tests were covered up successfully in the past. The scandal stripped Armstrong all his 7 Tour de France titles. Sponsors like Anheuser-Busch and Nike also dropped him.

New Orleans Saints Organizes a Pay-to-Injure Scheme

New Orleans Saints, running a pay-to-injure scheme, will go down in history as one of the most tragic cheating scandals. This is because it was not about losing money or games but intentionally harming other players in a bid to win. The scandal broke out in March 2012 after the NFL (National Football League) did an investigation on the matter. They found out that specific players were receiving bonuses from the year 2009-2012 to harm players from the opposing teams. The most famous bounty was a $10,000 reward for taking out Brett Favre Minnesota’s Viking quarterback.

Tim Donaghy NBA Referee Took Bets on Games He Officiated 

NBA referee Tim Donaghy quit his lucrative job in 2007 amidst accusations of betting on games after working for 13 years. Donaghy and two other men were involved in a gambling ring. Tim’s role was to provide winning picks based on confidential information he got as a professional referee. Authorities said that he was using code language to tip off his collaborators. Donaghy admitted to his crime in 2008 in front of a judge, saying that he only got involved in the ring to pay off his gambling addiction. Tim was sentenced to 15 months in prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release. He also agreed to pay the NBA over $200,000 in restitution. 


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