Visually impaired broadcaster shares how he got the name ‘DJ Odo’

Entertainment of Saturday, 8 February 2020



play videoSelassie Sikanku is a radio presenter at Uniiq FM

His name is Selassie Sikanku, a friendly radio presenter with Uniiq FM whom many have come to know as DJ Odo (DJ Love).

Every pseudonym, it is known, has a story behind it so when Selassie revealed his to GhanaWeb’s ‘The Untold’ team, we just had to probe further to get the story behind it.

It turns out the visually impaired broadcaster was a love guru while studying at the University of Ghana some years ago.

He says, he gave his colleagues some tips to woo ladies and those tips usually worked which earned him the name ‘Odo doctor’

“When people want to do their love connections and things, I give them steps to follow and most of the times the steps end up in positivity, so people started calling me Odo doctor.”

He added that he changed the name from Odo doctor to DJ Odo when he began his radio career.

Selassie Sikanku still had some love tips to give when he joined GBC and began hosting a love programme, ‘Touch a heart’, where listeners called in for advice on love matters.

“You have a lot of people coming in with a lot of problems. Some of the problems were bigger than me but sometimes when they call and they start talking about their problems, I just close the mic and say a silent prayer. I say, ‘God help me to give a better solution to this person’ and sometimes I open the mic and what comes out is awesome.”

DJ Odo currently hosts ‘Lunch on Uniiq’ from 2pm to 3pm every Monday.

Selassie Sikanku is currently married with two lovely boys.

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