When Stevie Wonder hinted to Oprah that he would permanently move to Ghana because of injustices in the USA

Back in November 2020, in the heat of the US elections,  25-time Grammy winner Stevie Wonder joined Oprah Winfrey  Apple TV ’s The Oprah Conversation.

In the interview, the 70-year-old singer told Oprah he had plans of permanently moving to Ghana. He said: “..I want to see this nation smile again, and I want to see it before I travel and move to Ghana.”

When Oprah asked why, he replied:  ” ..because I don’t wanna see my children’s children’s children having to say ‘oh please like me, please respect me, please know that I am important, please value me…’. What kind of $%$% is that?”


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Stevie Wonder previously announced that he was moving  to Ghana from Los Angeles in 1994, when  he told a Washington gathering of the International Association of African American Music that he fell in love with the African nation during visits. He said “There’s more of a sense of community there.”


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