Woman confesses to committing over sixteen abortions, among other unspeakable acts

Tabloid News of Friday, 7 February 2020

Source: Happyghana.com


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A woman has confessed on Happy FM’s religious show Nsem Pii, that when she was younger, she used to have sex with her half brother and she has committed more than sixteen abortions.

During the Bone Ka phone-in session of the show, she told Rev. Nyansa Boakwa that she was only twelve years old when her mother’s son began to forcefully have sex with her, and consistently threaten her so she would not report him to their mother.

According to her, she always felt the urge to tell her mother but she was too scared to do so. She disclosed that from that period till now, she has had more than sixteen abortions both for her brother and for other men.

Years after she was free from her brother’s manipulation, she found herself sleeping with her closest friend’s husband when her friend went on a trip one time. Apparently, he had promised to pay her for it but eventually did not pay because he was financially unstable.

The woman, now 23years, is currently widowed with one child and confessed that she still remembers all those children she aborted and regrets her actions.

Kwame Anane

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